Over the past four years, Sulhan has been freelancing full-time as a photo and videographer, working closely with commercial brands and local media platforms on commission-based assignments like lifestyle lookbooks, campaign and product shoots, and event launches. Sulhan is versatile and is able to adapt to the specific needs and directions of his clients while staying true to its heritage as well as his unique style.

Being exposed to information technology at a very young age, Sulhan's passion for the internet and field of social media has been the strong foundation to his work approach and way of life. Be it on web content or a more technical side, he has a deep interest in gaining insights on the ever-changing technologies and trends.

Apart from getting behind the lens, he is also contributing to an online magazine. Sulhan is involved in various aspects of the company such as content creation and curation and providing technical support to the website's uptime. He also oversees the website’s aesthetics, development of ad placements, and maintenance reports.

Photography Active Years: 2012-2015

We Are Various is a collective of visual artists who specializes in content creation, specifically photo and videography, through creative thinking and an idea-driven approach.

Our entire team is one big family with diverse backgrounds allowing us to see the world from a unique perspective. We strive to stand out and be unique on creating thoughtful work which focuses on individual brand stories.

Over the period of our first year together, we have managed to tackled one of the most challenging events which have grown us to be even more stronger as a collective. These events include large-scale marathon run such as New Balance Run On which has over 4,000 participants in its inaugural edition last year. The Singapore's premiere outdoor music and ARTS festival, Neon Lights Festival and also the annual Aviva Superfundae, an all day family funival with 9,000 event goers last year.

2015-Present (Founder of We Are Various, A Creative Collective based in Singapore)